Sunday Services Information

January 12, 2020

Good afternoon family,

We’re writing to share with you some important news regarding the ministry schedule here at ALF. In the last few days, we have been made aware that our hospital is currently at 125% capacity and that new COVID cases are on the rise. This is reflected in the growing number of our church family who are contracting the virus. While we believe we are closer to the end than the beginning of the time of the virus, we do have more difficult days ahead of us.

Our desire all along has been to protect and provide a church service both in person as well as digitally while protecting our church family and friends. This has led to the decision to keep the Sunday morning ministry on campus limited to in-person worship only, no Nursery or Children’s Church until the second week in February, when we will reevaluate and respond accordingly.

We will continue to offer our online-only 9 am Bible Study as well. Thank you as always for your trust and understanding.

Be well,
Pastor Jimmy
Pastor Josh
Elder Jeff

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